Press Room

Press Room

March 2, 2015
Department of Defense Supports Neumedicines With Groundbreaking Grant for Surgical Site Infection Therapy

Aug 14, 2014
Neumedicines Receives Award of $14 Million from BARDA for Continued Development of HemaMax™ as a Medical Countermeasure to Acute Radiation Exposure

June 2, 2014
Neumedicines Publishes Data Demonstrating that HemaMax(TM) (rHuIL-12), but not G-CSF, Significantly Improves Survival After Exposure to Lethal Radiation

April 28, 2014
Phase I Clinical Study of Neumedicines' Interleukin-12 as a Treatment for Wound Healing and Infections Recommended for Funding by the U.S. Department of Defense

April 18, 2014
Neumedicines Publishes Clinical Data Demonstrating Safety and Hematopoietic and Immune Effects of HemaMax™ (rHuIL-12), a Radiation Medical Countermeasure

April 15, 2014
Neumedicines Announces Publication of Phase II-Equivalent Data Demonstrating the Survival Effect of HemaMax™ (rHuIL-12), a Radiation Medical Countermeasure

Jan 9, 2014
Neumedicines to Feature HemaMax Study Results in Presentation at Biotech Showcase Conference

Jan 8, 2014
Neumedicines' Study Shows HemaMax, Not Neupogen (G-CSF), Improves Survival Outcomes Following Lethal Irradiation

Jan 2, 2014
Neumedicines Joins the Alliance for Biosecurity

June 10, 2013
Neumedicines Receives an Award of $8.3 Million from BARDA for Continued Development of HemaMax as a Countermeasure to Acute Radiation Exposure

May 14, 2013
Neumedicines Receives BARDA Notification of Intent to Exercise Contract Option to Continue Development of HemaMax as Radiation Medical Countermeasure

March 6, 2013
Neumedicines Names Financial Veteran David L. Morash Chief Financial Officer and Director

Jan 25, 2013
Neumedicines Presents at BARDA and NIAID Sponsored Symposium onDevelopment of Radiation Medical Countermeasures for Licensure

March 5, 2012
Neumedicines’ Anti-Radiation Therapy (HemaMax™) Demonstrates Unprecedented Survivability After Lethal Dose of Radiation in Mice an Non-human Primates

Dec 18, 2012
Neumedicines Phase 1b Study Shows HemaMax™ is Safe and Well-Tolerated at aHuman Dose Equivalent to an Efficacious Dose in Non-human Primates

Dec 1, 2012
Neumedicines’ HemaMax™ Proves Efficacious in a GLP, Blinded, Non-humanPrimate Study in Acute Radiation Syndrome

Oct 1, 2012
Neumedicines Presents at the 58th Annual Radiation Research Society Meeting

Sept 1, 2012
Neumedicines Receives $8.8 Million in BARDA Funding for Second SupportiveSpecies Studies in Mice to Support the Development of HemaMax™ for HSARS

Sept 26, 2011
Neumedicines Wins U.S. Federal Government Contract for up to $273 Million to Fund Late-Stage Development of HemaMax(TM), a Novel Radiation Medical Countermeasure

June 8, 2011
Neumedicines Initiates Dosing in a First-in-Human Study of HemaMax™, its Novel Radiation Medical Countermeasure

June 6, 2011
Neumedicines’ Oncology and Hematology Drug Candidates Featured in BIOWORLD Magazine

Jan 27, 2011
Neumedicines Receives Notice of Allowance for Patent Covering Use of HemaMax™ (rHuIL-12) to Treat Chemotherapy-Induced Thrombocytopenia (CIT)

Jan 5, 2011
Neumedicines to Present at the 2011 Biotech Showcase™ Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aug 12, 2010
Neumedicines Receives $2.5 Million from HHS/BARDA After Successful Non-Human Primate Studies to Further Advance HemaMax™ as a Radiation Countermeasure

Oct 1, 2009
Neumedicines Receives Approximately $5 Million from HHS/BARDA in Research and Development Funding

Sept 16, 2008
Neumedicines Awarded BAA-BARDA-08-08 Contract by the Biomedical Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

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